Airports – A Social Story


When you go on holiday to another country, the fastest and easiest way to get there is on a plane.

Planes are caught from airports.

For your holiday this year you are going to Salou, this is in Spain, you will be getting there on a plane.

You are going to stay at a Premier Inn the night before you catch the plane – the Premier Inn is near to Stansted Airport.

exterior      room

The morning we catch the plane, we will have to wake up very early, you need to be very calm and organised.  We will leave the Premier Inn and catch a bus to the airport.

At the airport it will be very busy and there will be lots of people everywhere.  The airport is called Stansted Airport and it is very big.  There will be lots of things happening, people rushing about, lots of different sounds and different smells.  It is important you stay close to your family, be a good boy, be nice to your brother and let your Mum and Dad talk by not interrupting.


There may be lots of Police who carry guns – this is to keep people safe and protected and is nothing to worry about.


When you get in the airport, you will have to queue so the bags and cases can be weighed by the man or lady before they take them away to be put on our aeroplane.


Next you will have to queue up for security, this is where they check you and your bags to make sure people are not carrying unsafe items that are not allowed on the aeroplane.


Bags and personal belongings like wallets, belts, jewellery and coats all need to go on the conveyor belt and go through the x ray scanner.  Sometimes the security guards have to check people – this is OK and nothing to worry about – they will just feel around your clothing to ensure nobody has anything hiding under their clothing.  It is important you listen to your mum and dad and the security guard.

After your belongings have gone through the x ray scanner you need to concentrate and help pick all the stuff up, bags, coats and other things that were put in – this can be a little bit stressful for mum and dad so you need to keep calm and quiet.

Once you are through security you will now be able to relax before it is time to queue to board your aeroplane.  You will go to an area called the departure lounge, in here there are shops, cafés and places to get food, you can sit down, have a drink or snack, play on your tablet or watch the planes take off and land.

13 shops

When it is time to get on the plane, an announcement will be made over the speaker system – it is important you stop talking when this happens so mummy and daddy can listen, mummy and daddy will also want to look at the display screens.  You will then queue up at the departure gate, you may have to walk through a tunnel, catch a bus or walk across the concrete outside and walk up the steps to the plane.

You will be flying on a Jet2 plane.

jet2  jet2inside

When inside the plane it is important you let your mum and dad find the rights seats and ensure the bags are put in the overhead lockers.  You can then sit down, relax and wait for the aircraft to take off.  Make sure you wear your seatbelt when the seatbelt lights are on.

Be happy and feel excited about your holiday !

Stansted Airport Information Pack for Autism –


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