Cancer – A Social Story



Sometimes people are poorly due to an illness called Cancer.

Cancer is when cells in the body mutate and grow uncontrollably – they can affect other organs within the body.  There are many reasons as to why people get Cancer and cancer can occur anywhere in the body.

Sometimes people may look well but Cancer can make people very poorly and is often inside where you cannot see.

There are many treatments for Cancer which include Operations (to remove the cancer), chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

You cannot catch Cancer from somebody who has it – it is not contagious.

In order to try and make Cancer go away the person who has Cancer will have to go to the Hospital, lots of times, for lots of tests and treatment, often with other family members for help and support.

Cancer doesn’t just affect the person who has it, but it is also upsetting for everybody else who loves the person that has it.

It is OK to feel sad and emotional, and it is OK to talk about it and ask questions, but just remember to try and be nice and kind to everybody as people feel very sad when somebody has Cancer and find it harder to cope with normal things.


Picking Scabs – A Social Story

I really like picking my scabs and it is OK to want to do this.  However by picking my scabs I am risking getting an infection and it stops the wound healing properly which can leave behind a scar.


Scabs are a special barrier that your body makes to heal your wounds and stop infection.  If you pick you scabs then you may have to have medicine from the Doctor which can taste horrible.  So the next time you have a scab, don’t pick it and let your body heel.

Unfortunately Anakin wasn’t as clever as you and he picked his scab – this is why he had a scar.


Picking my nose – A social Story

Sometimes I feel like picking my nose.  This is totally normal and it is something I am used to doing without even realising I am doing it.


However it is not good to pick my nose, and when I feel like I need to, instead I should get a tissue and blow my nose.

My nose acts as a filter for dirt and germs, so when I eat a bogey I am actually eating dirt and germs as well as bacteria from my fingers which could make me poorly.


Also, Ewoks never pick their noses as it is not socially accepted and if an ewok is caught picking their nose they are made to do hard labour by making tree houses for Chief Chirpa.


Buffet Food – A Social Story

It is really nice to eat at buffet restaurants – there is so much nice food !


It’s OK to want to take lots of food, fill your plate up and eat it all – yum!  And it’s OK to feel worried in case all the food goes and there will be no more.


However it is better to just put a little bit of food on your plate.  Once you have eaten that bit you can go back and get some more, there will still be some left.  It is good to do this so that you don’t get full and waste your food, it is also good in case you don’t like something and have to leave it.

Also when eating it is OK to want to use your hands and get in a mess.  However it’s not good manners to do this so you need to use your knife and fork where possible.


This will make you look like a child who has good parents and will also stop you getting in a mess like this;


And after all – Luke Skywalker uses knives, forks and spoons!