Buffet Food – A Social Story

It is really nice to eat at buffet restaurants – there is so much nice food !


It’s OK to want to take lots of food, fill your plate up and eat it all – yum!  And it’s OK to feel worried in case all the food goes and there will be no more.


However it is better to just put a little bit of food on your plate.  Once you have eaten that bit you can go back and get some more, there will still be some left.  It is good to do this so that you don’t get full and waste your food, it is also good in case you don’t like something and have to leave it.

Also when eating it is OK to want to use your hands and get in a mess.  However it’s not good manners to do this so you need to use your knife and fork where possible.


This will make you look like a child who has good parents and will also stop you getting in a mess like this;


And after all – Luke Skywalker uses knives, forks and spoons!